25 May 2014

A Comic Short

'Sugary Doughy Sh*t'
a comic by ENOKI

for Bear Pit Zine vol.9
Theme: Compulsion

Coming Soon!


Whilst living in Bristol, I had the fortune to meet a friendly and fascinating group of people who band together once in a while to talk about a local comics anthology they put together known as the 'Bear Pit Zine'. What could be more pleasant? I jumped into contributing something right away!

The theme for issue 9 is 'Compulsion'. There are many irresistible ways of depicting such a theme! Though I decided to go for something quite subtle, multi-faceted, and close to my own heart..

I can't promise the same for everyone, but I was very touched to have moved a friend to tears with such a short piece.

This comic is dedicated to my lovely little brother, whom I miss sharing my childhood with and love very much.


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