25 May 2014

Anxiety for Sale

 I am thinking of setting up a shop online..

A Comic Short

'Sugary Doughy Sh*t'
a comic by ENOKI

for Bear Pit Zine vol.9
Theme: Compulsion

Coming Soon!


Whilst living in Bristol, I had the fortune to meet a friendly and fascinating group of people who band together once in a while to talk about a local comics anthology they put together known as the 'Bear Pit Zine'. What could be more pleasant? I jumped into contributing something right away!

The theme for issue 9 is 'Compulsion'. There are many irresistible ways of depicting such a theme! Though I decided to go for something quite subtle, multi-faceted, and close to my own heart..

I can't promise the same for everyone, but I was very touched to have moved a friend to tears with such a short piece.

This comic is dedicated to my lovely little brother, whom I miss sharing my childhood with and love very much.


24 May 2014

Phoenix Honey Orchid

Here is the visual process for Phoenix Honey Orchid; my contribution
to The Tea Book put together by Rebecca Burgess!

A special thanks to Marcel O'Leary: friend,
rival, and idol; for all the helpful feedback!

23 May 2014

~ The Tea Book Project ~

A project full of spirit and a lot of fun!
40+ Artists!!

Edited and co-ordinated by Rebecca Burgess.

Coming Soon!

Phoenix Honey Orchid

When my housemate, Rebecca Burgess, casually chatted through her idea with me about creating an art book filled to the brim of personified tea flavours, no one anticipated how fun or popular among its contributors this would become!

Over forty very talented artists have come together to create characters based upon a tea which inspires and means something special to them. Just above is my contribution.

I chose Phoenix Honey Orchid as it's a tea I've only tried once. My tale is that I picked it to try because it was such an obscure name and made me laugh in attempt to order it. But on drinking, this tea really surprised me..! I can't attempt to describe it myself, but a reference describes it better as:

"A seductive sade of orange blossom, this gorgeous oolong from the Phoenix Mountain in China's Guangdong Province is one of the most complex in taste: orange, vanilla and honey."

Check out this fantastic cover art by Sarah Burgess..!!

21 May 2014

20 May 2014

..Said the Girl.

"I don't have

patience to

meet your

awe in

'..years time'.

"I will

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19 May 2014

Study XI

"You never
make mistake.
Everything you do
is there for your

- Burt Harding