7 Apr 2014

Crawl of the Somnambulist

With Truro coming up, I thought it would be a nice time to share
with you a comic I had produced for an anthology with the theme of 'Insomnia'.

The anthology was cancelled, but completing the comic gave me good confidence
in my ability to see a project through. Over the past few months, I have realised
that I do not push myself enough as a freelancer; not because I do not feel incapable
of succeeding a brief, but simply as I have a fear of  letting people down..
And so I have avoided 'putting myself out there'.

Well, I can be afraid, but I shan't let this hold me back any more!

'Crawl of the Somnambulist' is a metaphoric presentation of the feelings
I accumulate when I am unable to sleep.

Hopefully it will translate into an unspoken
language familiar to you as well!

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