12 Apr 2014

Study X

"Last on the village scene
Fall apart, iron heart
More alive than you've ever been"

-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

8 Apr 2014

Study IX

Today, the objects I drew
came from elsewhere.

The Chinese copied the porcelain pattern design
from the famed German Meissen factory; who took
their inspiration through imitating the Japanese.

And now this has been copied by Enoki.

Oh dear..

7 Apr 2014

Study VIII

Moomin mug,
Moomin coaster.

Hand-painted gift,
With my favourite drink.

Chai Latte.

Things which remind me of
the friend who gave them to me.

24HR Comics, Truro

Enoki @Truro Festival
'24HR Comic Etc'

10th April: 11am - 6pm
11th April: 8am - 10am

Cathedral Green, Truro, Cornwall


Between 10th - 11th April 2014, I and my friend Sarah Burgess will be taking part in a 24 Hr Comics Event with eight other comic artists from the UK.

The challenge, (if you are unfamiliar with 24 Hr Comics) will be to produce 24 comic pages within 24 hours, as master-minded by the ever-inspiring Scott McCloud.

The event will take place in a Gazebo on Cathedral Green in Truro, Cornwall, as part of their Art, Culture, and Music Festival.

This will be my first time participating in an event like this, and also my first time in producing a 24-Hour comic, so I am pretty excited! I don't quite know what to expect, but I feel the experience will present me with considerations regarding time-keeping, simplicity, and visualisation which I've never met before.

For more information regarding the festival and the event, check out the Truro Festival website here.


Crawl of the Somnambulist

With Truro coming up, I thought it would be a nice time to share
with you a comic I had produced for an anthology with the theme of 'Insomnia'.

The anthology was cancelled, but completing the comic gave me good confidence
in my ability to see a project through. Over the past few months, I have realised
that I do not push myself enough as a freelancer; not because I do not feel incapable
of succeeding a brief, but simply as I have a fear of  letting people down..
And so I have avoided 'putting myself out there'.

Well, I can be afraid, but I shan't let this hold me back any more!

'Crawl of the Somnambulist' is a metaphoric presentation of the feelings
I accumulate when I am unable to sleep.

Hopefully it will translate into an unspoken
language familiar to you as well!

5 Apr 2014

4 Apr 2014

Study V

My breakfast bowl..

..and lunch bowl.
..and dinner bowl.

3 Apr 2014

Study IV

Today I had a go at colouring in the green beans.

I did this separately from the bottles to see how this area would
look like when I brought the two together. Unlike the bottles,
I had forgot to take photographic reference for the beans after I'd
drawn them, so I concentrated on getting across the feel of vegetables..

...This is what the image looks like when pieced together.

The colours match in richness, but as you can see I lack contrast in the bowl.

I could work on this much more, but just a
little touch to demonstrate the point for myself..

A few more shadows for the bowl were added, and some
seasoning to give the beans more texture and the sketch
another point of interest.

2 Apr 2014

Study III

Putting things to good use.

I don't actually drink very much..

The far left is a house-warming gift from our landlady;
In the centre is an old Birthday present from a friend of mine;
The Rosé is a gift from a friend a few years ago before she moved to Singapore.

We are saving all three for a special moment!

1 Apr 2014

Study II

The thought of Summer's entrance makes me want to explode into a coral reef of colour!
I am paving the way for a lot of very colourful artwork to come.

Study I

Spring. Spring. Spring!