24 Mar 2014


"I don't draw comics the way I do
because I'm a female who wants to be liberated.
I draw comics because being female is a given,
and being liberated is a given."



During my final year of college, I produced a comic for the first Bimba
anthology. It was such a busy time of year that it had slipped my mind
to tell you all about it, so I find myself doing so now..

The theme was 'Girl Gang'.

My comic is probably called 'Noodle Conversation'.

The conversation in this comic short is a made-up dialogue between one
of my best friends and I. It's the kind of chatter between friends which
becomes somewhat inaccessible to those who have just joined in
through overhearing. It makes references to The Uncanny and
Existential philosophy, which also play symbolically into the visuals.

Below is a preview of the comic.

Features the work of:

Donya Todd / Emma Raby / Enoki / Lize Meddings
Lizz Lunney / Olivia Lorne / Philippa Rice
Rose Robbins / Sarah Burgess / Sophia Viney

You can buy it here!


'Noodle Conversation' was always intended to be juxtaposed with its sister:

'Nipple Conversation'

The dialogue in 'Nipple' is somewhat clearer, tantalises in innuendo, and
sexual provocation. The comic definitely has more of a narrative, and was
intended to represent another side of casual-yet-intimate female conversation.

Unfortunately for myself, 'Nipple' was rejected.

But you can see it below:


One more thing:

Right now, the artist and editor of Bimba (Donya Todd) and my
comics-enthusiast friend (Hannah Chapman) are raising funds to bring Bimba and anthology Comic Book Slumber Party to TCAF.

You can support them, the spirit and talent of UK comics,
and receive art goodies in return by doing so here!

Much love,

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