24 Sep 2013


As the gathering crowds who have returned to education are about to make their first mark in beautiful new sketchbooks, I feel it a jovial time to express with you some of the love felt over the past three years of my academic experience- which concluded earlier this year.

Over the course of the Summer, I created thirty-six gifts to give and to thank each of those who have made my years of study a pure delight, possible, engaging, life-changing, and overall absolutely brilliant. Thanks to these souls, I have been able to ring out of the time allotted more learning and wisdom than could possibly be squeezed. It makes me ooze in thankfulness, to know such love and such kindness. I would like each of them to know that I'll always be here for them.

A single watercolour bijou will be uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday until series end.

Our graduation ceremony occurs in mid-October, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

My deepest, profoundest respect for these folk.

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