23 Aug 2013

Stomping on the Box

Practising design in exchange for joy.
Please click to enlarge the exhibition flyer.

Exhibiting my sculptures this weekend with fellow artists
from Swindon in a beautiful art space in Bath.
I'll be present all day on Sunday for chats!


Stomping on the Box

Tuesday 27th August - Sunday 1st September, 2013
11 AM - 6 PM

44AD Art Space
7b Lower Borough Walls

22 Aug 2013

Little Drawings

Very many illustrations on a messy desk.

In the process of completing a project to say 'Thank You'.


20 Aug 2013

Techno Pan

A birthday present for Ben,
a multi-talented artist, comedian, actor, and melody-maker,
who enrapts my spirit with love, laughter, and life.

19 Aug 2013

New Designers 2013: Report



It's been a while, but allow me to report:

In July, I was incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to exhibit my work at New Designers 2013. Located in Angel, Central London, the venue paved ways of yellow brick for industry and public viewing pleasure.

It made my heart sing- to be able to chat with people from all walks of life, and intentions. Some schools swung by, and it was a pleasure to aid some of these folk in their educational journey.

Industry-folk come in all sorts of unintentional disguises. I'd find myself engaged in deep conversation with one, for example, only to discover they are not only personally, but professionally interested in my work!

During the first few days of the event, I found it difficult to leave our stand in case I'd miss anyone who would like to chat. I'm glad I managed to pull myself away, as there was such a variety of talent and inspiration!

In visiting and chatting, I felt I was pulled into a vortex with a hundred new friends! Though it's probably more like a tenth of this, as I'm incredibly naive when it comes to friendships. For instance, I sometimes feel like someone is my friend the moment we exchange smiles, and this is why I am not so savvy when it comes to being social..!


Among some of the exhibiting artists I met/met up with, I'd love to encourage you to visit the talents of:

I would also like to mention Babenko Maria, who I highly admire the illustrations of- but did not get to meet.

..And Lee M. Salmon, who has plans to teach English in Japan. I hope that should you google your name, Lee, you'll one day find this entry and remember me. You're such a lovely fellow!


Also, I've been featured in this wonderfully written personal account of New Designers by Sayuri Standing for ModeConnect.

Thank you very much for featuring me, Sayuri!

Thank you very much for reading, y'all!