29 Jun 2013

New Designers 2013: Promotional Items

Postcards of watercolour paintings.
Postcards of  sculptures.
Trying out 600 gsm Luxe Business Cards from MOO.com

Look at what came through the letterbox on Friday!

I had these lovely postcards and business cards made up to help people remember my work.
They are for the New Designers 2013 exhibition taking place in London next week.

I am quite excited to be giving them away for free!

My postcards and business cards were printed by MOO.com.
I highly recommend them for their printfinity service, and also because they are affordable without compromising upon quality.
If you haven't ordered from MOO before, you can input this special code to receive a 10% discount off your first order:

special code


As a side note, I have just set up a Facebook Page for those who prefer to keep in touch this way.
You can also find me this way through Facebook searching 'Enoki'.

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