23 Jun 2013

My Friends As Girls

When the course had ended and Summer had arrived..
She became incredibly excited about having the time to visit her friends.

Thinking about this particular group made her whole heart beam..
And when she saw them, she smiled no less.
They are a particularly special group to her.

Her Southampton friends.

Whilst I feel I am not especially feminine..
I believe my thinking inclines to a feminine manner.
I feel I can only truly relate to the personalities I meet from an empathically feministic point of view.
So I set myself a challenge..

Stripping my friends of their garments and accessories,
Eye-glasses included..
I set to depict the males as females,
And the females as females.

I wonder if they will be able to tell who they are, and who each of the others are.

Another piece that was featured recently in The Little Gallery exhibition at Broad Canvas, Oxford.

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