25 Jun 2013


Artwork © Enoki, for the "In The Beginning" EP by Glü

Earlier this year, I was approached to illustrate the EP cover "In The Beginning" for Bristol-based heavy grunge/stoner band Glü.

Glü's music immediately impressed and hit home for me. Mixing genres and daubing in experimentation, channeled and sustained suspense without overdoing it, and statically-charged subconscious timing; i.e. you're 'there' or rather 'gone' before you've realised it.

I feel happy to be a part of their journey, and look forward to following where they go from here.
Many thanks, Glü!

Glü are active across the following media:

"In the Beginning" EP:

1. Melting Down Horses
2. Off The Scale
3. The Ship That Never Sailed
4. Watches Are A Waste of Time

Available both digitally and in the flesh.
You can enjoy the tracks here.

Glü's EP "In The Beginning" arrives: I did squeal a bit when I saw a photo of the card-boxed treasure on their Twitter feed. Thrilled to bits when the package Chris sent me came through!

I've taken a photo of the "In The Beginning" CD and slipcase against the backdrop of some of my personal inspiration behind the art: "La Ronde" a play by German author/physician Arthur Schnitzler, and memories of Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at the Tate Modern last year.

The line art for the cover was drawn using a waterproof eyeliner..
Which, for the record.. Was not waterproof.

Signing off this entry with Glü's "Off The Scale".



  1. Not my favourite sound, but I like the artwork! ;o)

  2. The cover does deserved justice to the magnificent album that reached my mailbox yesterday.

    Nice job. Be proud.