30 Jun 2013

New Designers 2013

Next week, I shall be taking part in New Designers 2013.

New Designers is an internationally known event featuring exciting new work from creative graduates and postgraduates who have studied in the UK.
For industries, this is often a great opportunity to explore and to employ new talent.
Or if you are a consumer, a good opportunity to make a commission or to purchase the art you enjoy.

Without a VIP or Press Pass, the exhibition is open Thursday 4th July - Saturday 6th July.
My classmates and I can be found representing Swindon College in the Illustration section.

I will be displaying selected porcelain sculpture pieces and original watercolour paintings from my Graduate Show; which I've blogged about here.

For more information, including how you could save on your admission price, please check out the New Designer's official site:

It would be great to see you!

Thank you for reading,

enoki ♥

29 Jun 2013

New Designers 2013: Promotional Items

Postcards of watercolour paintings.
Postcards of  sculptures.
Trying out 600 gsm Luxe Business Cards from MOO.com

Look at what came through the letterbox on Friday!

I had these lovely postcards and business cards made up to help people remember my work.
They are for the New Designers 2013 exhibition taking place in London next week.

I am quite excited to be giving them away for free!

My postcards and business cards were printed by MOO.com.
I highly recommend them for their printfinity service, and also because they are affordable without compromising upon quality.
If you haven't ordered from MOO before, you can input this special code to receive a 10% discount off your first order:

special code


As a side note, I have just set up a Facebook Page for those who prefer to keep in touch this way.
You can also find me this way through Facebook searching 'Enoki'.

25 Jun 2013


Artwork © Enoki, for the "In The Beginning" EP by Glü

Earlier this year, I was approached to illustrate the EP cover "In The Beginning" for Bristol-based heavy grunge/stoner band Glü.

Glü's music immediately impressed and hit home for me. Mixing genres and daubing in experimentation, channeled and sustained suspense without overdoing it, and statically-charged subconscious timing; i.e. you're 'there' or rather 'gone' before you've realised it.

I feel happy to be a part of their journey, and look forward to following where they go from here.
Many thanks, Glü!

Glü are active across the following media:

"In the Beginning" EP:

1. Melting Down Horses
2. Off The Scale
3. The Ship That Never Sailed
4. Watches Are A Waste of Time

Available both digitally and in the flesh.
You can enjoy the tracks here.

Glü's EP "In The Beginning" arrives: I did squeal a bit when I saw a photo of the card-boxed treasure on their Twitter feed. Thrilled to bits when the package Chris sent me came through!

I've taken a photo of the "In The Beginning" CD and slipcase against the backdrop of some of my personal inspiration behind the art: "La Ronde" a play by German author/physician Arthur Schnitzler, and memories of Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at the Tate Modern last year.

The line art for the cover was drawn using a waterproof eyeliner..
Which, for the record.. Was not waterproof.

Signing off this entry with Glü's "Off The Scale".


24 Jun 2013

A Dog To Walk

Summer is the perfect time to walk a dog.
So I drew myself a dog to walk.

23 Jun 2013

My Friends As Girls

When the course had ended and Summer had arrived..
She became incredibly excited about having the time to visit her friends.

Thinking about this particular group made her whole heart beam..
And when she saw them, she smiled no less.
They are a particularly special group to her.

Her Southampton friends.

Whilst I feel I am not especially feminine..
I believe my thinking inclines to a feminine manner.
I feel I can only truly relate to the personalities I meet from an empathically feministic point of view.
So I set myself a challenge..

Stripping my friends of their garments and accessories,
Eye-glasses included..
I set to depict the males as females,
And the females as females.

I wonder if they will be able to tell who they are, and who each of the others are.

Another piece that was featured recently in The Little Gallery exhibition at Broad Canvas, Oxford.

22 Jun 2013

Three Summers

Summer Night.
Summer Day.
Summer Afternoon.

Winter was like a Summer Night.
The Summer Day was like a Static Storm.

The Summer Afternoon was a little S.A.D.

I join the Indigenous Natives..
In their Sunderdance.

Paintings featured in an exhibition with Ben Q at The Little Gallery in Broad Canvas, Oxford.

Thank you very much for kindly welcoming me into your art directory, Broad Canvas!
This directory is a good, emerging online presence for Oxford-based artists to discover each other.

Melanie Gannon - My thought-twin and talented classmate of two years also has a profile there!

19 Jun 2013


Graduate Show Feedback

The thoughts developed mouths..
And from the mouths, flew voices..
And an eye.

Allergic, or ecstatic...
I'm very touched by your reactions.

Thank you!!

17 Jun 2013

The Monolith

Photo © Daniel Mace 2013
Photo © Daniel Mace 2013

Photo © Daniel Mace 2013
Photo © Daniel Mace 2013 
Photo © Andy Pedler 2013
Photo © Andy Pedler 2013

Photo © Daniel Mace 2013

Photo © Daniel Mace 2013

Two weeks ago, a Monolith came down..
My testament to three years spent at Swindon College.

On the walls hung reflections of Philosophy.
Mirrors of Feminism,
Tomes of Existentialism and Dualism.

Monuments were built to commemorate Insomnia..
Life, and Parasites.

People came to see them.
To see us.

Fine art.
Graphic Design.
Media Make-up.

The most sacred of the nights, that is-
The Private Night Viewing...
Was a joy for all those who exhibited there.

It was a moment to interact with faces we had not seen in so very long.
And to exchange faces with whom we had never encountered.

Then afterward..
Many a drink and many a pizza were sacrificed.

All and a thousand thanks to Simon and Linda, Darren, fellow illustrator Liz Price, and tutors Andy and Nicky for helping me with my display- and to Bal for rolling your ball.

Thanks to Andy (again) and Daniel for the exquisite photography.

Thank you, Luke for being so cool when we accidentally drilled through to your side of the wall...
And for allowing me to stow all my sketchbooks and costume underneath your tablecloth.

Thanks insurmountably to Jeremy for all the pizza!

And thank you, to all those who came from near and far to see our graduation show.

I couldn't have had memories as sweet without you. Much love to you forever.

End of the Reel

Photograph ©  Ben Q & Enoki 2013

Toward the end of the film they took a test.

Enoki x Ben Q.

10 Jun 2013

All my Anxiety Goes..

...like a Care Bear Stare.


1 - 23rd June

Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM

The Little Gallery

Broad Canvas
20 Broad Street,
Oxford OX1 3AS