18 May 2013


Weirdness fills my lungs whenever I think about self-promotion.

On the one hand, there's a sense of satisfaction in presenting your own artwork, and a thrill from seeing it take new forms.

You're watching this thing grow!
It's a monster..

A lung disease.

On the other hand, I'm usually pretty anxious about presenting work because it comes from an intimate space. This cocooned inner sanctum that grows things, which up until a particular point only its creator, and maybe a few others, have witnessed..

I'd never want to stop creating; exploring, trying out new things, collaborating with like-minds.. So the lung monster gets lapped up, back into this chest: Sorry anxiety, for as long as we have been friends, this quest for a future in the arts awaits!


My final degree show is about to occur, and you are more than welcome to join! To see what myself and those in my class of BA Illustration: Sequential and Narrative have been up to this past year. (Sam has a blog!!)

I also made friends in the other departments throughout the years, and am looking forward to seeing their shows too! Honestly, this course is one of the best things to happen to me and I am so thankful to have been on it! Lessons for life, not just the arts. So in honour of my ma, pa, bro, close support, and teachers, I hope to do well! And make you all proud..


A very nerve-wrecked mushroom x o

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