2 Nov 2012

Ritualistic Red

Spontaneous drawing practices.
A day's haven for favouring toads, ritualistic red,
and acknowledging asymmetrical breasts. Everywhere..!

There is also a picture known as the 'Spontaneous Third' in the series, and also one known as the 'Spontaneous Prologue'. The 'Spontaneous Third' is pretty vicarious, but was nevertheless graced with a kind approval to make her debut in art publication- PAPER Publication's debut December issue. Yeyy!! The publication can be found within the belly of Bristol from December 1st.. Though this means she (the submission) has also grown all shy and coy for now; she tips my ear toward her mouth and whispers.. 'I do not wish to be revealed unclothed,  for dis-want of spoiler on your outrageous blog would be most disgraceful..' And as she whispers, our forgotten friend- the Spontaneous Prologue, continues to lie white-eyed awake on some remembered night, and dreams of the day I'll purchase 'that same' gold pen with which to finish him off.. I'd like to say it ends happily for the Spontaneous Prologue, but you'll only be able to tell by conferring with the Latter Blog Post..

Sleep well. Don't catch too many colds, and goodnight! x

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