3 Nov 2012

Glowing Musings

someone to say good morning to
someone to say goodnight to
someone to talk with
someone to listen to

the house doesn't move
the house is still..
and stubborn
and possessive
and not even a person

it keeps out the birds
and it keeps out the sun
and it keeps in everything
and shoos out everyone

- enoki

A lunar paper, which conveniently glows in the dark. A mobile phone.

 I have a Private Twitter account to net all those glowing musings before bed, and the shadowy thoughts just before realising that I am already awake. They are terrified of the sun.

These thoughts were captured 9th August 2012. I was concerned I'd lost these feelings as I could not at some point access my data any further past September.. And for this reason, I have begun attempting to dedicate more time toward scribing things onto more physical papers.

Dr. enoki's advice, should you need it: If you wake up feeling glum, why not address it creatively until you feel better? Some of my best things come out from feeling like my worst!

Making your innermost thoughts visible is scary!

1 comment:

  1. I love your last line, Gil! I do feel so uninspired right now and just sketching randomly, which should help :) PS. love your creativity, so diverse and unconventional. I admire the way you work so flexibly with different styles and techniques, incredible >_< x