7 May 2012

On Subculture...

My path to the exploration of Japanese Independent Music began around this time last year. I was browsing comic shops and bookshops in Paris. Daisuke Ichiba's endearingly inspiring Grossesse Nerveuse and Vovo instantly leapt out at me and held open my eyes long enough to give a small glimpse into the French indie comic scene. Weeks on, a trace through the internet resulted in the purchase of this book, for which Daisuke's art adorns the cover. I'm forever a fan.

Back to glutting over Japanese Independent Music: I carefully sourced this as the topic for a college project aimed to explore personal approaches in visual narrative. I'd acknowledged that the book is already about ten years behind, the information not easily citable, and the subculture- or the element connecting the artists- broad and therefore difficult to explain..

But basically, there's a lamp in my mind which tells me the steeper a subject, the more i'm going to learn from it. This is my outlandish logic. I'm however happy to say that it is not applied to every challenge or situation.

I've been meaning to share some of my favourite Japanese artists and tracks, so whilst I'm posting the art relative to the music, seems a good time to do so- The field is significantly varied, so below is just my personal taste. Though if you, like me, get a hearty zeal from this sort of thing... Then the book and the CD which accompanies it is highly recommended as a starting point for your ventures.

Hoppy Kamiyama:

Kaoru Abe:

Haino Keiji:

Ryuichi Sakamoto:

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