4 May 2012

Love me or hate me, I agree with Ken Kesey

Book > Film

I wanted to make a book out of mist...

Not just to tackle a task, but as a personal homage to Ken Kesey.

...With lightly transparent pages and varying degrees of opacity. How incredible it would be to read a book made of mist.

Unfortunately, my concept lacked the financial aide and expertise to pull this off, or even experiment with. It would have been my entry for the Penguin Design Awards 2012, Adult category, and instead this is it... And not even 'it' did I enter. Unfortunately...

If I had, it would need a trick to make it eye-catching enough for customers via online retail to spot. After much debate, I sent the mist into the sea and set sail on NHS blue.

I'm sort of happy... But not as happy, i.e., I was told I received a very nice mark, however the cover doesn't feel like 'me'.

To be completely honest, I missed the opportunity to instil a nice homemade drawing, and I feel it all looks rather... Clinical. Reflective of the cold power and authority in the book yet also of present book trends. Bleeh!

I guess I still lack a fair bit of confidence in my art. But on the bright side, I've found I delight in the clean and precise details a vector image can offer when making small pictorials.


  1. I admit I really prefer your beautiful pencil drawn thumbnails, and one thing I've always enjoyed about your work is your delicate, detailed and natural line work, which of course isnt present here!
    Having said that, I love the fine and well thought out compositions you always give too, and thats definitely present here! I really like your consideration of people looking for books online too- this is something I've NEVER thought about before, which is really silly considering I'm well aware of how everything is present online now! I think the cover works well for this too. I do think its a nice and effective cover, but again, I really o prefer your delicate pencil work!! I'm curious though to see how you would create a work that has contrasting vector with natural work put together.

  2. Same~ And I've a fair idea for how I want to go about that. My experience with vectors are hatchlings compared to the drawings, and I think it's healthy to not get so comfortable. Hopefully it'll make for a flattering comparison to look back on this entry after I've found my way with these. Thanks all for your feedback, bex! ♥ :) x