10 Mar 2012

Between the 5th and 6th - on Finding a Comic Voice

Earlier this week, I re-lived an experience whilst engaged in a college talk with a stupendously talented illustrator- Caroline Pedler, so I guess you could say I was in two places at once! Caroline went through a rough time during her MA whilst reanimating her artist's voice after commercialism sort of decanted it.

An artist's voice is a natural, honest and highly original form of expressing oneself, but it can also play a mean game of hide and seek.

During the start of 2nd year, I embarked on a journey to uncover my own voice and ended up opening a pandora's box layered with multiple sources of anti-conscious. It'd be amusing if this was an exaggeration- rather than run a risk of coming across like a cuckoo in such writing, but truth is it has taken a couple of months to get over.

Hearing how Caroline had overcome her shadow has really enlightened me, and from her experience I've drawn upon my own tactics in continuing to seek my voice. Just like in the story of Pandora, hope lies at the bottom of my amphora too! I feel as though it's started to reveal itself to me.

Thanks, Caroline!

--I highly recommend indulging in her blog!