30 Jan 2012

Experimental: Cut-Up II

2nd comic using a 'cut-up' method.
Ridiculously illegible.

A person's life turns into history
like some strange obituary.


  1. Beautiful! You've got a really nice sense of light there - the pictures just seem to be blazing out of the page. What is the 'cut up' method?

  2. The cut-up is an aleatoric creative process which gives passage to a non-linear method of composing narrative. The technique is famed by William Burrough's- which, if I'd known before attempting to read Naked Lunch would've made more sense: http://www.enoki.eu/2011/09/one-of-my-favourite-places-to-be.html

    More about the the principle here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-up_technique

    Also, apologies for the late reply !

  3. oh gill! you are a confirmed enemy!

    *cough, good stuff, *cough

  4. Ok, as long as there's a cool outfit to go with ;)