21 Oct 2011

Groomers on the Green Ltd. - Logo

One of the illustrative highlights for me earlier this year, was the opportunity to work with the pet grooming business Groomers on the Green. I was contacted by one of the co-owners to design the logo for their brand new shop.

The premise was cat, dog and "French chic".

I thought it would be fun to show you my meticulous side! Here are some of the design processes:

I've yet to see the shop for myself though I strongly urge you check them out!

Groomers on the Green Ltd.
27 Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park
Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 7QR, UK

I found it is also noteworthy- (speaking from personal experience) to be open-minded and place whole-hearted enthusiasm into the idea of acquiring new computer skills. Before college, I'd never considered myself as a vector/Adobe Illustrator girl! But not so long after did we daub in this did the chance to put it into a real working practise arise. Well, it is getting late so I will end my writing here. Thanks for reading!

Artwork © Enoki - Logo © Groomers on the Green


6 Oct 2011

Winter Moon in Autumn



Every time I go into college,
I am given something new.
Today I was given a headache.

I'm actually pretty shaky.
You know when your heart
beats feel like ice.
And every icicle fall
echos in your body.

I used sleep as a means of
transversing to the future.
And in the future, I am
feeling a little better.

This was the view
I saw when I awoke.