7 Sep 2011

One of my Favourite Places to Be

I love reading and I am a slow reader. My teacher asks me to read a book every week. I told him: "I can not read and especially that quick!" "You can read" he says. So I just did it.


Books I have read this Summer:

[The Pillow Book]
Sei Shonagon

[Dream Story]
Arthur Schnitzer

[Alice's Adventures in Wonderland]
Lewis Carroll


Often, I will annotate books as it helps me to focus and reminds me of my first reactions:

Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzer. This is my idea of the most beautiful writing!

I was drawn to King Lear out of leisure as I'm a huge Akira Kurosawa fan! Ran is based on King Lear.

There are times where I don't understand at all the thing I'm reading! I'm really terrible with American slang for instance (which makes me even worse when it comes to made-up American slang). For that, I've considered purchasing Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs on audio.


  1. I really feel inspired to start reading again~!! >__<!! I feel like I haven't had the time to read a great long novel in such a long time... Must find the time to do so~!! <3
    Your annotation idea sounds really cute~ It also helps me visualise/concentrate if I translate/annotate too~! Maybe it's something I should try practising!

  2. In a fast-paced, modern lifestyle where we are used to immediacy, I can see how some may be deterred from reading, and instead turn to other more instantaneous means of entertainment. I'm starting to feel for my speciality that reading and drawing are pretty synonymous..

    Hehe, yeyy another scribbler! 'D' There are some who feel annotating books are sacrilege! I think this is a sign of love~!! xD