21 Sep 2011

In the 1st Year: Self-Portrait

I recall just before the start of college, each of us had to produce a self-portrait to present to the class on the first day. My representatives were a collective of naked girls. I don't even look like them! But we did share the same length in hair.

I drew myself life-like too, as an entry point to the task- but I felt more comfortable hiding behind this shroud. Some of my class suggested that I could be shy (absence of face), or a Pisces (two fishes), no one had any idea why I was naked and my teacher thought me rather enigmatic.

The last drawing is my final. If you can guess what this is about I'll confirm so!

My other memory relating to this, is of a get-together outside of college with the 2nd and 3rd years of the time. I had been the only 1st year! Which was a nervous prospect. And when they asked to see my sketchbook.. Oh dear, because I forgot how bondage-ish some of these were! I only recall that it had felt like quite a mortifying discovery upon a first meeting whence they turned the sketchbook to these naked girls..! But in the end, the guys were quite nice and open about them. *-phew!*

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