17 Aug 2011

The Water Sculpture

The water sculpture in town has a gap just big enough for an adult to slip through. I'd always wanted to pass through this gap, but felt like I would lose face acting like a child.

For a year, every time I walked by the sculpture, I would hold onto these thoughts. One day, I happened to be walking by the sculpture with you, and you teasingly nudged me toward it. But instead of running around, we locked hands and went through the water together. We came out dripping of course! Some children nearby were amazed by what they had seen. "They went through the gap!" -we heard behind us as we laughed. I wonder if the children had lost their face that afternoon, acting like children as we had.


  1. "Sorry, my entry is a really bad attempt at thanking you for stepping through the gaps with me.. :)"

  2. Aw! Thats really sweet but also very thoughtful :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, hun x :) Should really rewrite this in my own hand-writing. Looks pretty stale in type.. :)