7 Aug 2011

On Afternoons When the Rain and the Earth Have a Dispute

Listening to the sound of the rain
against the conservatory glass.
Opening the door to this is like
listening to the hum of my fridge..


  1. Hii Gill!!!!
    I hope this message won't seem too embarrassing, but I used to love and follow you artworks when you were active on deviant art...!! I'm so glad to have found you again~!! T^T!!! <3 Your style has developed immensely since!
    I hope you studies are going well!!! The course you're attending sounds so amazing~!

  2. Aww hey Susan, thanks!!! :D Yes, I remember you from dA. You've developed a lot artistically yourself though I can still see the essence of you at the core, quite exciting!! :) Yes, I couldn't have found a course any more suited for me! It's perfect! How is yours at the LCC? It's so nice to hear from you. I'm amazed anyone's managed to find this blog, tbh xxx

  3. I'm so sorry for the late reply~!! T__T;; I wasn't aware that you replied~! *grovel* I feel quite embarrassed that you still remember me from the DA days... oh dear... Glad I have improved though~! <3 LCC is amazing, I will always wholeheartedly recommend it~ I feel like I've developed conceptually so much there, though I'm still finding/experimenting with my "individual style"~! You must continue to update~!! You recent blog entries have been really inspiring~ >__<!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Susan! ^_^ You shouldn't be embarrassed!! Your art really stood out for me~! :3