6 Aug 2011


How annoying it is to be annoyed! If I make a mistake, I could laugh it off and say "I am an idiot". But if someone else, particularly those already lacking in social grace, were to laugh louder and continue to banter the same proclamation: "HA HA HA, YOU ARE INDEED AN IDIOT!", it diminishes the humour from the situation and does not sit kindly. This most profusely annoys me!


  1. Awesome image, very fitting! What medium was used? Was it ink? Well it's a tough one I think but most certainly it's not as funny when people begin to call you an idiot as well, even if it's in banter if it's...done like that so aggressively in manner it's more like overpowering the ability to laugh at oneself DI the situations becmes ltoo serious and then you have to think about it more, ect. Ect. oh but it's so complicated..shadesof grey.. DI//I talk too muchhh

  2. Hehe, I find I don't read into whether the person really believes I'm an idiot or not. Hell, the statement doesn't even justify a reason to particularly care! I just feel it's rude. :)

    Thanks, Sarah! making these thoughts known (even if they are exaggerated for entertainment/comedy sake) so openly is pretty terrifying, so I want to let you know how homely your comment makes me feel! ❀

    Also, I used nib and Quink as you have seen see in my sketchbook recently. The rest is all digital!

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