28 Jun 2011

A Traveller by Wormhole


My name is 'enoki' and I often go by the pseudonym 'Gill'.

This dwelling of mine is intended to be a regurgitation for instantaneous and not-very-well-thought-out thoughts and drawings. I playfully like to draw 'strange things' and naked women inspired by that which we can not see so well, trickles of noise, silence and science fiction. Though I am weary about causing offence, this is ultimately an outlet for posting art and terrible prose without regret.

My hopes are that through being more open with the world, I could be grounded into making alliances with the trials and tribulations of reality and therefore shed some inhibitions.

So here goes my first post... Here it comes! Here goes nothing! *click*


  1. love your style
    waiting for your next posts

  2. Hello and thanks, Tango! Caught me in the middle of refurbishment :)

  3. Hope you'll continue to update your blog!! <3 I shall look forward to see more of your entries!
    On a random note, the images linking to your twitter and google+ are incredible... >__<!! Cannot stop staring at them!

  4. Aww hehe thanks! xx Hoping to use it enough so as not to lose interest!! I've still 'stage fright' or rather 'blog fright' at the moment, my writing here is terribly rigid.. ;A;